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Union Park Animal Hospital And Urgent Care

About Us

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Union Park Animal Hospital And Urgent Care

U.P.A.H. believes strongly in philanthropy; we empower our teams to support initiatives in their communities and beyond. Through strategic local partnerships and designated volunteer opportunities, we are working to build a better tomorrow.

We also work with Back To Nature, Care Foundation, Jungle Adventure and In Harmony With Nature. Dr. Randolph cares and treats for the exotics at their sites.

In addition to the many services tailored to your pet’s ideal health, we are proud to offer digital, body-safe radiography imaging as well as blood work and urinalysis machines in-house to serve our patients quickly and efficiently.

Our Vets

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Our Promise

You can also count on our entire team to be your trusted resource for accurate information regarding your pet’s health. Being a family-owned practice, we believe in treating creating strong, lasting relationships. We do this by consistently establishing open and honest communication. You will never be left wondering about the details of a medical procedure or the status of the health of your pets.