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Our caring team offers compassionate care and cutting-edge medicine for pets in all states of health. From routine visits to emergency care, we are devoted to ensuring the well-being and happiness of your furry companions.

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Union Park Animal Hospital And Urgent Care's mission is to deliver the best diagnosis, care, and treatment possible to dogs, cats, and exotic pets in the Orlando area. Our staff is hereto ensure that you have a happy and healthy pet. Along with dogs and cats, we regularly treat rabbits, birds, snakes, ferrets, sugar gliders, hamsters, squirrels, and bearded dragons, just to name a few! Our team has the knowledge to treat all pets, both big and small, furry and scaly. Call for more information on exotic veterinarian services and to schedule your appointment today.

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Keeping Your Furry Friends Healthy

At Union Park AH, we offer top tier veterinary services to the Orlando Area.

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