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Euthanasia is often referred to as "putting down" or "putting to sleep," and it's a challenging decision many pet owners must make during the final stages of their pet's life.

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Why Euthanasia?

Just as we all age, our beloved pets age too. While we wish our pets could be with us forever, there comes a moment when we must bid them farewell. Euthanasia offers a peaceful, controlled option for the end of our pet's life. Depending on your pet's quality of life, euthanasia may become a consideration.

When is the Right Time?

Determining when the right time is can be a difficult choice. Various factors play into the decision to euthanize an animal, and it's a personal matter that varies from one pet owner to another. Your primary concern should be your pet's quality of life, the challenges that come with old age, and any pain they might be experiencing.

What to Expect?

Our euthanasia process is designed to be as tranquil as possible. Once you and the veterinarian have agreed that this is the best course of action, your pet will receive a sedative drug, leading to deep sedation. During the time it takes for this state to be reached, you and your family may stay with your pet. It's a few quiet minutes of saying goodbye. Alternatively, you may choose to leave at this point, having bid your pet farewell, knowing they were calm and free from pain.

How to Seek More Information or Support?

Our veterinarians are available to discuss your options. They are well-acquainted with this experience and can talk you through the process and the emotions that accompany it. Please schedule an appointment or reach out to us for information on available choices, timelines, and references for support during the grieving process.

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